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The beach wedding is a popular choice for many couples, the idyllic setting, never ending sunshine and lapping waves make it hard to resist! There is also the added bonus of it often being a slightly less stressful planning period, which will always be appealing! Trousseau is seeing an increasing number of beach brides - especially those that are jet setting off to tropical locations during the NZ winter time.


There is no right or wrong way to do the beach wedding...when it comes to getting married on the beach, the couple can dictate the style, theme and level of formality depending on their own taste, and this can vary greatly. The increased number of beach brides we were seeing, led us to conduct some informal research to ensure we were as knowledgeable as possible for these brides. Some of our findings really surprised us, for example where we thought the idea of strolling though the water barefoot wearing an informal dress would be the idea that would dominate, instead the majority of those we spoke to were still opting to wear a traditional styled wedding gown and shoes.

In the end it is definitely a personal choice  – a beach wedding can allow you to do it nice and simple, by heading to the beach with  wedding jandals, barefoot, or some brides love the option of dressing up their feet up with a beautiful  barefoot sandal. Or you can go down the path we are finding many brides are going, and decide to follow your dream bridal look be it traditional, vintage or formal – they just put that look into a divine setting. As you do need to remember you will not be on the beach ALL day!



To complement our research, we have worked alongside two of New Zealand’s top wedding dress designers, Anna Schimmel and Anita Turner-Williams of Vinka Design, who are both well known for their beautiful high quality designs, fabrics and lace, for some advice on what to think about when choosing a beach wedding.

Anita Turner-Williams of Vinka Design told us “Weddings on the beach are fabulous, often set in some exotic location and seen to be a simple and romantic option to the more formal traditional setting. So to the gown, it needs to be, or to look, simple in line, soft sheer floaty fabrics are ideal as they move so beautifully and are light to wear. Matching the shoes is easy. Some brides choose flat sandals for ease, others wedge so they can walk in the sand, but I like the idea of gorgeous shoes, slipped off and walking out barefoot. Easy! and you can have fabulous photos with the shoes dangling from your fingers. 

PLUS (because you won't be on the beach all day/night) the bride can slip her shoes on and dance the night away, looking amazing! 


Anna Schimmel discusses that you can still have your cake and eat it too! (or dream wedding dress and shoes in any setting!)

“If you have chosen to have a romantic beach wedding you will be looking for a summery wedding dress, to float in the breeze, be forgiving of sand and possibly the few drops of water which may come your way.

High quality fabrics do surprisingly stand up well to the above brief. There is a selection of silks which will work well, while being cool and light weight. However, it may surprise you that exquisite French laces don’t mind water or a bit of sand at all. Most laces are created from an intricate, super fine fiber mix including viscose, cotton and lycra. Sheer French Chantilly’s may look like a fresh breeze come to life – but it takes a sharp heel to actually do any real damage.

The lovely Cherry from Trousseau bridal is an excellent go-to for the right shoes to go with your perfect wedding dress.  She will match your luxurious gown with a silk heel, make sure the diamante won’t catch on your lace (I’m her pet there, as I am rather protective of our laces).

The right heel for your beach wedding dress is the one to look great with your gown, make you feel fab and for any other rules ask the team at Trousseau”




For all you beach brides wanting further information – please give us a call or pop into the Trousseau Showroom and we are happy to discuss further some options.

Trousseau Bridal & Evening Shoes LOVES everything bridal shoes! To find your perfect shoes, we encourage brides in Auckland to come into our Showroom at B2/1 Beresford Square, Central Auckland, Friday & Saturday 10am - 5pm and other times by appointment. For those brides around the country, visit our website and experience for yourself our attention to detail and excellent customer service. All information in this blog is original and the property of Trousseau Bridal & Evening Shoes.

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