A New Bride – The changing face of weddings!

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It has become very apparent there is a new bride in town, a new type of wedding ...and tradition –  some will take it, some will leave it. This is something that has been noticed by all, from photographers through to suit hire locations. It’s an exciting time for both the wedding industry and those getting married as it is one of the biggest changes seen in a long time!


Images courtesy of Etsy!

This new couple is a product of today’s society. Economically aware, technologically savvy, money conscious and wants their day to truly reflect who they (as a couple) are. A couple of key changes this couple has brought about is a rise in DIY weddings, non-traditional weddings and intimate weddings. For the bride, their wedding day is no less special than the brides from this time last year, it’s just a better fit for them.

These brides know what they want and work hard to ensure their day is absolutely perfect. Whether that be a candlelight evening affair in the bush perfectly planned thanks to images on pinterest and set up by mum, dad and the aunties, or a small (non-formal) gathering at their local winery with their immediate family...There are many variations and the only rule is, there are no rules! With this change in mindset, a follow on effect is seen in everything the bride and groom will do in preparation and when it comes to wedding shoes (our specialty) we are seeing a couple of key trends with this new bride.



Many brides are opting for a divine evening shoe, a gorgeous statement shoe that certainly does not scream wedding. A shoe that perhaps they would not normally have ‘treated’ themselves to, but feel comfortable indulging in (as it is their wedding after all). And it certainly needs to be a shoe their friends will be envious of! A couple of popular choices that are emerging are:



Images from our new season 2014 range

A good number of the non-traditional brides are opting for a contemporary styled wedding shoe that they are planning on dyeing either before or after the wedding . A couple of reasons for this: Firstly, why not – it’s their day and if that’s the shoe they like, then that’s what they will get. Also the longevity factor - as this type of shoe they are likely to wear again at other occasions.


We have also seen an increase in the Pinterest bride - These girls have planned everything to a tee (a non-traditional tee). They know what they like, know what they want, recognise good quality, and have researched everything about the shoes before they even set foot in our showroom . This bride will often add a bit of fun to their shoes that they have found throughout their research ie I do stickers etc, a floral brooch or feathers.

At the end of the day, and this is by no way saying that traditional weddings are no longer, they will always have a place. It’s just that having that ‘different’ wedding is starting to become the ‘norm’ and this is what is making the next generation of brides happy, and that’s what it is all about!


Trousseau Bridal & Evening Shoes LOVES everything bridal shoes! To find your perfect shoes, we encourage brides in Auckland to come into our Showroom at B2/1 Beresford Square, Central Auckland, Friday & Saturday 10am - 5pm and other times by appointment. For those brides around the country, visit our website and experience for yourself our attention to detail and excellent customer service. All information in this blog is original and the property of Trousseau Bridal & Evening Shoes.

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