Trying to hide those twinkle toes?? Do you hate your feet?

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How much is too much toe? A common predicament many brides find, when shopping for their wedding shoes, is not being totally comfortable baring all on the big day (we’re talking toes of course). But one thing we hate to see is all the beautiful crystal encrusted sandals staying on the shelf, because brides think their feet are not worthy.




For those that think there’s no hope, my feet will never look pretty, don't give up just yet! We’ve been working closely with top beauty therapist rubywaxx identifying some of the common pedi concerns pre-­wedding and how your foot fears may not be so major after all.



It’s not surprising with magazines, websites and Facebook groups dedicated to ugly celebrity feet, many of us have a slight complex about our tootsies and avoid drawing attention to them if at all possible. But you can now breathe a sigh of relief, as we’re about to stomp all over some of your biggest concerns. Ruby says “We’ve seen it all in the salon and heard all the sob stories. But for every 10 brides that come into us with foot ‘complaints’ 9.5 will leave ready to run down the aisle with dress hitched high”.



Ruby identifies some of the more common complaints, and the great news is that what most brides consider to be major concerns, can be easily overcome in just one visit to a salon. Now that’s something to get excited about!



First up, broken or missing toenails can often be devastating for a bride to be, however this is something that not many people realize can easily be fixed. A professional beautician will be able to build you an acrylic nail perfectly matched to your other nails, that will last 2 – 3 weeks (perfect for the wedding and honeymoon). Cracked feet are another common issue, and while some may require an additional visit to the podiatrist, most can be rescued with a professional pedicure.



Finally and probably the most common is the old ‘funny looking toes’ – and I mean who really has good looking feet? Very few of us are blessed with perfect feet, the rest of us just have to make do with the assistance that is on offer. It is amazing the change a professional pedicure can make. With the removal of dead skin, pushing back of cuticle to get an extended nail surface, a buffing, hydration treatment, and of course professional coloured/shiny polish, will see a foot that was once a 5/10 turn into an 8 ­ 9/10. Plus you always need to remember once you have smooth feet and shiny polish, people’s eyes will be drawn to the polish and not the toes themselves. So go on girls, step out of the comfort zone and treat yourselves to those strappy sandals or peep toes you have always wanted!






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