The Wedding Shoe - Do You Need It?

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This post is a revisit of one of our most popular blog posts to date – This post sent more hits to the website than we’ve ever had. Something in this piece really seemed to resonate with brides that were thinking about which kind of shoes to wear on their wedding day.

In fact it was actually prompted by one of our lovely brides. She had been reluctant to visit a ‘bridal shoe shop’ as was resisting the thought of buying bridal shoes for the day, “I was just going to wear something that was really comfortable”, then she found the perfect pair of shoes at Trousseau, they were still comfortable, could be worn again but most importantly they worked with her beautiful wedding dress. 


The turning point for her was seeing that the wedding dress wasn’t really a ‘normal dress’ and so the shoes did need a certain look. She decided she must not be alone in her thinking and that we should do a blog on this!

At Trousseau we see all types of brides, with all types of budgets. And three of the most common statements we hear when selling shoes for the big day are

 - I probably don’t need wedding shoes because you won’t see them under the dress

 - I had been planning on wearing some comfortable shoes that I would wear again

 - I was so sure I didn’t need special shoes for my wedding until I took the ones I planned to wear to the fitting and they looked so wrong

We hope that this blog will help answer these statements for you. These are all classic unplanned shoe shots!



A small percentage of brides that we see want their shoes to be noticed. For those that do want an unforgettable shoe, they will hold their dress up high and show off their gorgeous crystal encrusted or coloured wedding shoes every chance they get – photographs, dance etc and of course we love that bride! These brides have chosen shoes to specifically fit into their day and their colour scheme and the shoe itself becomes one of the main heroes. 


However, more often than not, the bride will choose a more traditional shoe that will work with their amazing wedding dress. They do so for varying and often personal reasons, and at Trousseau we work hard to ensure we can match their requirements.

 - Good price point

 - Comfort

 - To match the wedding dress

 - Well made, quality shoes

 - Varying heel styles and heights

 - Trusted wedding shoe knowledge

These brides buy a shoe that blends seamlessly into the day and might be forgotten, and this is not a bad thing. What you don’t want is the wrong shoe to show. It is incredibly surprising just how many times during the day a shoe will be seen (all the photos used in this blog are not intended on being ‘shoe shots’ – and we will often show these shots as an answer to the first statement above) 

We think a good wedding shoe is either a special statement shoe or a shoe that blends or even disappears. Definitely not a shoe that doesn’t look right or do justice to the most beautiful dress the bride is ever likely to wear. That shoe option will most definitely be remembered, but for all the wrong reasons!

So, whatever type of bride you identify yourself as, the probability is you will require shoes at some point on the day. We hope you think about your shoes as an overall contributor to your look, and decide from there which avenue you take. It’s a special day that is not often repeated, so “tread” carefully when deciding NOT to buy a wedding shoe. The shoes don’t necessarily need to be ivory, white or even coloured, but they do need to be a shoe that will work with a wedding gown. A special occasion shoe can be a sandal, a flat or a heel so in one sense everything does go – but not ordinary or everyday!

Trousseau Bridal & Evening Shoes LOVES everything bridal shoes! To find your perfect shoes, we encourage brides in Auckland to come into our Showroom at B2/1 Beresford Square, Central Auckland, Friday & Saturday 10am - 5pm and other times by appointment. For those brides around the country, visit our website and experience for yourself our attention to detail and excellent customer service. All information in this blog is original and the property of Trousseau Bridal & Evening Shoes.

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